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"one of the greatest moments in life is realizing that two weeks ago your body couldn’t do what it just did."


June 28

Bosu ball orientation

July 19

Mind body and Spirit

August 7

(4 spots remaining)Agility and coordination

Sept 9th

Eating Clean

Oct 3rd

World of Yoga

Latest Articles

Glycemic Index and Youth

The glycemic index was brought to us by the pioneering work of Dr. David Wolever and Dr. David Jenkins in the early 1980s, finally giving a reliable and accurate measurement of blood glucose.

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VO2 What?

In the world of endurance, it seems that you cannot discuss fitness without discussing VO2 max. Ask any endurance athlete about it, and you will hear epic stories with names like Indurain, LeMond and Armstrong.

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First Class Personal Training: Meet Gera
Gera, the lead trainer and founder of First Class Personal Training and a renowned personal trainer in Toronto, helps individuals attain their goals and improve their daily lives and quality of living.

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In a few short months, my cardio and strength training combination has provided me with more energy at work, with my kids, less need for breaks and best of all I lost inches on my waist, and decreased my blood pressure.

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Gera Pekar has been my personal fitness instructor for the past 24 months. Over that time, Gera developed six comprehensive fitness programs for me involving weight lifting, cardio, and nutrition suggestions/guidelines.

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Within the first 3 weeks of personal training I noticed that I was more energetic, slept better, muscle pains disappeared, and I lost 6 pounds. Now it has been 6 months since I have began to change my lifestyle and train with Gera and the results could

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