In a few short months, my cardio and strength training combination has provided me with more energy at work, with my kids, less need for breaks and best of all I lost inches on my waist, and decreased my blood pressure.

Eight months in my fitness program, Gera has helped me lose over 25 pounds and increase my average run from 5km to 9km! On top of all that, Gera has helped me improve my eating habits. He has also been vital in assisting me with my flexibility, as I now can touch my toes!
As a very busy entrepreneur, my time is very valuable to me. Gera has helped to show me that by incorporating exercise into my daily routine, my overall performance has improved, I have more confidence, and I am better able to handle stressful situations.


Within the first 3 weeks of personal training I noticed that I was more energetic, slept better, muscle pains disappeared, and I lost 6 pounds.Now it has been 6 months since I have began to change my lifestyle and train with Gera and the results could not be better. I have now lost 42 pounds and 8 dress sizes. Gera put me through various circuit training routines that when we were done I could fill up a half a bucket of sweat. It was WORTH IT! Also since I started, my balance, coordination, strength, and agility have all improved as well as my self esteem. The workouts are perfectly structured and challenging.I would recommend First Class Personal Training to any individual who wants to have improvements in their Life, health and well being.


Gera Pekar has been my personal fitness instructor for the past 24 months. Over that time, Gera developed six comprehensive fitness programs for me involving weight lifting, cardio, and nutrition suggestions/guidelines.In my opinion, the three qualities that make Gera an excellent personal trainer are the following; first, he is very safety oriented. He focuses on correct form and function to get optimum results and prevent injuries from occurring. Second, He is continuously challenging and motivating me to get better and go beyond my previous achievements. Gera even manages to do this on days when I am stressed out and would rather be anywhere than a gym. Third, and most important, Gera is concerned about the whole person, and NOT just the person in the gym. He has encouraged me to change my eating habits and sedentary lifestyle outside the gym and would often email me to see how I was feeling between sessions. Also, Gera makes himself very accessible and was able to answer any questions I had about my program, or about training in general when we were not training together.

Since Nov 2007, I have become healthier and less stressed. I have also made significant progress towards my strength and endurance goals. Gera has been instrumental in changing my outlook regarding exercise to the point where I look forward to going to the gym and making physical activity a major part of my lifestyle

Sandy & Victor

We have known and retained Gera’s services since 2005. He has extensive knowledge in all aspects of health & fitness. His attitude and ability to motivate enables us to perform beyond what we thought were our limits, and with encouragement and positive feedback has caused us to continually raise the bar.
Gera’s patience and dedication is contagious. Gera’s attitude is fresh, focused and committed. My husband and I had a blast getting in shape, as every session as I can recall was fun and enjoyable. I had lost 7 inches of my waist in just 8 short weeks and my husband decreased his body fat percent from 31.6% to 23.3% in just four months. We appreciate everything that Gera has done for us and we continue to use his services and we most definitely recommend others to do the same. Thank You Gera.


I have worked with several other trainers in the past year, and Gera is the absolute best. Gera is very focused on how to help his client. He pays attention to my goals, and clearly outlines how we are going to work to reach those goals. It is hard work–at least on my part–and he is professional and takes it seriously. It is obvious that he cares a great deal about his own physical fitness, which I respect.I am so happy because I have such an excellent trainer who really knows what he is doing. I feel motivated to get in shape for the first time in a very long time.