testimonials_raj2Gera Pekar has been my personal fitness instructor for the past 24 months. Over that time, Gera developed six comprehensive fitness programs for me involving weight lifting, cardio, and nutrition suggestions/guidelines.

In my opinion, the three qualities that make Gera an excellent personal trainer are the following; first, he is very safety oriented. He focuses on correct form and function to get optimum results and prevent injuries from occurring. Second, He is continuously challenging and motivating me to get better and go beyond my previous achievements. Gera even manages to do this on days when I am stressed out and would rather be anywhere than a gym. Third, and most important, Gera is concerned about the whole person, and NOT just the person in the gym. He has encouraged me to change my eating habits and sedentary lifestyle outside the gym and would often email me to see how I was feeling between sessions. Also, Gera makes himself very accessible and was able to answer any questions I had about my program, or about training in general when we were not training together.

Since Nov 2007, I have become healthier and less stressed. I have also made significant progress towards my strength and endurance goals. Gera has been instrumental in changing my outlook regarding exercise to the point where I look forward to going to the gym and making physical activity a major part of my lifestyle.