How Is Personal Training Different For MS Patients?

Multiple Sclerosis is a debilitating condition that causes a number of challenges for its sufferers. Many people living with MS find it beneficial to work with a fitness instructor who is knowledgeable about MS, understands how the symptoms of MS impact movement, and can adjust an exercise routine to accommodate their specific needs.

What Does The MS Training Program Focus On?

We at First Class Personal Training provide well-informed personal trainers with knowledge of the condition and offer specific strategies for working with a diverse MS population.Our trainers will come to you and work with you in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Depending on the severity of your symptoms, we tailor our programs to areas of focus to best help you address your condition, with a focus on improving strength, balance, and flexibility.

Studies show that people with MS who participate in regular physical activity experience:

  • Better cardiovascular fitness
  • Improved strength, balance, and flexibility
  • Better bladder and bowel function
  • Less fatigue and depression
  • Improved mood and focus
  • Increased participation in social interaction

What Flexibility Do You Have With Scheduling?

We understand that MS symptoms impact everyone differently, and each day can be different from the last. We’ll work with you to schedule sessions that suit your needs and comfort level.

How Can I Get Started?

If you are interested in working with First Class Personal Training, feel free to fill out the contact form below, or call us at 416-821-2384 to schedule a complimentary consultation where we will discuss your fitness goals and limitations.

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