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Personal Training for Anxiety

Do you suffer from stress, anxiety and tension these days? These are just some of the mental health issues that people go through day by day. It can be exhausting on top of other things and may affect an individual’s overall outlook. Though some succumb to medications right away, another practical and effective way is to have daily exercise. With personal training, it will be easier to live a peaceful and anxiety-free life when it is done regularly.

Anxiety Can Weigh You Down

Life can be both easy and difficult for different individuals. Anxiety is an emotion which is usually characterized by worried thoughts, tension and even changes in the physical aspect such as heart rate and blood pressure. Individuals with anxiety disorders may often experience sweating, dizziness or even trembling in most cases. All of this may disrupt one’s life by affecting relationships, inner self-confidence and even the mere ability to complete day to day activities.

If severe anxiety has negatively impacted one’s life, medical treatment is sought by most individuals. There are those who undergo therapy to do stress management. Professionals also recommend having an exercise routine to help the mind refocus and improve the mood. Though anxiety can literally weigh you down, physical exercise might just be the solution to easen those negative thoughts and channel them into another venue productively.

How Physical Exercise Helps

Physical exercise is known to improve the body and mind. Doing daily workouts will release endorphins and serotonin which are crucial to mental health. There are different physical exercises that can be tailored to individuals with anxiety. At First Class Personal Training, overall health is the number 1 priority. Our personal trainers are experienced in handling different types of individuals and tailor a program that best fits.

With regular exercise, this increases an individual’s activity levels which results into stronger bodies. This then increases the chance to have better sleep which helps in defeating anxiety and improve overall mental health. There is a link to inactivity and development of anxiety disorders that is why working out is a great remedy. If individuals are inactive and live a sedentary lifestyle, bodies will misfire and cause anxiety to peak.

Individuals seeking to lower their anxiety levels through exercise must also have sought medical advice together with an anxiety management plan. Anxiety is known to cause a blue mood and may result in reducing the immune system’s ability to function properly.

Benefits of exercise on anxiety:

  • Increase feel good chemical substances in the brain
  • Shift your mind and focus on the details of the exercise
  • Overall relieves stress and anxiety which is a reason that muscles tighten up in different areas of the body causing discomfort
  • Helps switch the brain off and promote a relaxing sleep
  • Designate a “Me Time” focusing on yourself and the workout

Benefits of exercise on anxiety

5 effective physical exercises for anxiety:

     1.Mobility stretches

To de-stress the mind, this exercise helps in many ways. As the body releases tension, this will allow the mind to also release all heavy thoughts. Doing this with a personal trainer is a relief for people with anxiety. There is no fear of someone judging you across the workout area, or even if such thoughts occur. The focus will just be you and the personal trainer, no other people to make you anxious.

Good personal trainers to people dealing with anxiety disorders will always check how you are feeling with the training. This is what matters the most and you should also love your workout plan for it to be effective.

     2.Kettlebell swings

Rhythmic exercises increase the heart rate and improves overall body circulation. By doing kettlebell swings, positive energy flows all throughout the mind and body. A personal trainer at First Class Personal Training will effectively guide you with a suitable kettlebell workout that won’t take a toll on your anxiety.


While taking long walks, such as 10,000 steps daily, may clear the mind and improve physical health, running can similarly help reduce stress. This form of exercise can be done for at least 30 minutes and all you have to do is focus on yourself. It helps steer away your mind from what’s stressing you all day. The mind shifts to thinking about breathing and the movements of the body.


One of the most popular forms of exercise to reduce anxiety and depression is yoga. This is a total body workout with controlled breathing. It is meditation with lots of core exercises to help improve physical and most importantly, mental health. While yoga can be done in a solitary setting or with a personal trainer, some prefer joining group classes. This allows like-minded individuals who also suffer from anxiety to connect and establish a positive support system.


If you are getting stressed out with life, maybe releasing anger and tension by lifting weights is a great solution. Weightlifting improves mental health by challenging the body physically and releasing the stress away. After a long day at work, weightlifting can be very effective in making you feel better at the end of the day.

Get a Personal Trainer To Help With Anxiety Issues

First Class Personal Training has professionals who will guide you along the workout depending on your capability. Personal trainers will see to it that people dealing with anxiety will be comfortable with tailored programs. Being fit and healthy is the priority of First Class Personal Training that comes with a balanced diet and a sound mind.

People dealing with anxiety should feel better before and after the workout. Though there will be different sessions, trainers will be guiding you all the way to make every workout fun and fulfilling. When you are ready to make that step to become healthy in both the body and mind, please contact us online and go for a complimentary consultation!

Mental health is as important as physical health and that is what First Class Personal Training wants – to help you achieve a holistic fit and healthy life!

October 22, 2021