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What Makes First Class Personal Training Stand Out From the Rest

A Look At What Makes Us Toronto’s Premiere In-Home and Online Personal Trainers

We know you have options when choosing your online personal training service, and here in Canada, the competition is steep. It seems like trainers and fitness companies all across the country began offering at-home and online training sessions with the onset of the pandemic.

Now, almost every gym and personal trainer is offering some version of at-home fitness, making your decision for who can best help you reach your goals even harder.

But at First Class, we aren’t intimidated by the competition.

This article will lay down exactly why we stand out from the other personal trainers here in Toronto and across the country.

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Why First Class Personal Training is the Best Choice for At-Home Personal Training

At-Home Personal Training Isn’t an Add-on Service. It’s What We’ve Always Done.

Over the last two years, we’ve seen the market for non-traditional workout solutions soar. Gym owners have had to quickly pivot to bring their client base services that were sustainable in the pandemic marketplace. They quickly developed at-home, outdoor, or online sessions using trainers that have only worked in a gym setting. This 180 can be difficult for customers since successfully working in people’s homes and training via the internet requires a completely different set of skills.

But First Class Personal Training was already in the business of creating non-traditional workout experiences. We’ve never had our own gym or training center.

We built our business on the foundations of coming to YOU, our clients, and meeting you when, where, and how you felt most comfortable. So this isn’t new for us. We know how to help you succeed in a park, a basement, your office, or your living room floor.

When you work with us, you’re working with personal trainers who have built their clientele and entire careers on in-home and online training. You don’t have to wonder if our people know how to help you get fit without the conveniences of a gym.

We’re Not Just Trainers. We’re Specialists.

Have you ever paid for sessions at the gym with a personal trainer, and you get the vibe they do the exact same exercises with every person they train? We hear that complain a lot; trainers aren’t willing (or capable) of developing personalized plans that meet your fitness ability, goals, or physical limitations.

First Class Personal Training has made it a mandate to find employees who can specialize in different types of fitness. This means your workout will be tailored to who YOU are and what you want to get out of your sessions. It also means that if you’re out of shape, we’ll help you feel comfortable with each exercise, find where a comfortable yet challenging depth is for you, and let you ease into your new workout routine without exceptional muscle soreness or fatigue.

Some Areas We Specialize In:

  • MS – If you suffer from multiple sclerosis, we have trainers that have studied your condition to understand your symptom picture, how this affects your movement and abilities from day to day, and will develop a workout specifically for you.
  • Senior Training – For our aging bodies, we have developed exercises and workout regimens to keep joints and bones healthy and strong while balancing loss of mobility, strength, and flexibility.
  • Youth Training – For teens and adolescents, our workouts can aid in weight loss, muscle and strength gain, core strength, agility training, and even sport-specific regimens for athletes. We closely pay attention to the mental health component of body image and fitness, and create programs that account for the constant physical changes young people are going through.
  • Rehabilitation – If you are recovering from surgery, recently suffered an injury or illness, or have a chronic medical issue, our rehab specialists will dig deep into your body’s limitations and needs to offer you comprehensive, safe, effective, and manageable personal training.

If you have a special circumstance, we will be glad to find a trainer that can help you reach your goals. There are no limitations when it comes to your physical fitness goals!

We Work Around Your Schedule

We never expect you to fit your fitness into our schedule. No matter when you want to train, we’ll match you up with a trainer who’s available.

One of the hallmarks of at-home or online training is that it should be convenient for you! That’s why we offer training 7-days a week, and do our best to find someone for you no matter what time of day you prefer. With our convenient online option, you can work with your trainer even if you’re overseas on business, away on vacation, or spending a long weekend at the cottage.

Nutrition Counselling

Our at-home model doesn’t force you to seek elsewhere for nutrition counselling. Our trainers can help you understand the relationship between the food you’re eating and your fitness goals, and teach you how to make simple, do-able changes that can get you to your goals much sooner!

We believe we’re your best choice for personal training, and we want to prove it to you! Would you like to learn more? When you book your consultation, you’ll discover how quick and easy it is to be on your way to reaching your goals. We’d love to be your partner in success in 2022 and beyond!

February 28, 2022