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How First Class Personal Training chooses the right trainer for you

When it comes to choosing the perfect personal trainer for you, it is important to be sure that they can help you achieve your goals to attain the desired results. We, at First Class, make it a priority to do everything we can to help you with achieving your goals by curating a tailored fitness plan that will complement your lifestyle. We take the time to fully understand your desired fitness goals, any budget or cost concerns you may have and the lifestyle you lead, to help with structuring the best resources for you. This is also a great opportunity for you to better understand how we work and what we can offer you when you decide to onboard with us.


During your initial consultation, we gather vital information that will allow us to make informed decisions when matching you with one our trainers. We look at devising a specialized exercise plan and curating a delicious nutrition plan with a realistic timeline to achieve your goals. We further look into your personal life to learn about your lifestyle choices, any health concerns or issues and your desired fitness goals. Doing this allows us to take extra precaution with choosing the right form of training, working with any existing or past injuries you may be suffering with, as well as any other health concerns or deficiencies in your nutritional diet.

The consultation process allows us to best understand your needs when training with a First Class personal trainer including the most appropriate form of training, your lifestyle habits and your fitness goals. From this, we will be able to develop a realistic timeline with a structured workout regime and diet plan for you to achieve your desired results. You will become more familiar with our operations and how we work around your lifestyle. We bear in mind any lifestyle concerns you may have such as childcare responsibilities and a busy work schedule to work with a cost-effective budget that will work for you. We believe that it is crucial for your trainer to work toward complete improvement of your lifestyle and fitness in the best possible way.

Assessing your Goals

Are you interested in shedding a few pounds before a big celebration? Were you looking to build muscle? Will you be looking to strengthen and condition or are you interested in perfecting your form for powerlifting? Or perhaps, your concerns are purely nutritional.

We offer a wide range of trainers with experience in different fields of fitness to all of our clients. Finding the right trainer for you depends on your fitness goals and what exactly it is that you are looking to achieve. During your first consultation, we do a deep dive into your current fitness status and concerns before devising an organized exercise and nutrition plan. We want to make sure that you are situated with the right trainer and by doing so, we can guarantee that you will reach your goals in a timely manner. This will all depend on the form of training that will be required for you to reach your goal and the time in which you wish to achieve your results.

Your fitness goals are extremely important to us and reflect directly on the work that we do for you. When you sign up with one of our trainers, we promise to fully commit and dedicate ourselves to exhausting our efforts when it comes to your achievements. We require full transparency and honesty from you where we promise to encourage, motivate and drive you to maximize your full fitness potential.

Your Lifestyle

We take into consideration that many people lead very different lifestyles with separate responsibilities which require individual special attention when it comes to fitness and goal planning. Our unique services provide a full “at home training” service to all of our clients where we avoid a busy gym to train you in the comfort of your own home. We take away the burden of training in a gym by visiting you at a time of your convenience as our schedule revolves entirely around you. We have found that many of our clients prefer working out in the comfort of their own home where they can accomplish more without feeling conscious of others. This also helps clients with young children and childcare responsibilities as you won’t need to fret about your little one when gearing up for a workout with us.

We work with you to tailor a fitness plan that serves your lifestyle that can be easily executed. This includes your dietary concerns and any other lifestyle habits you have. Perhaps, you have an extremely social life and need extra assistance with navigating around that. We even take the time to curate and devise meal plans of foods you enjoy, making it easier to keep you on top of your diet.

We want you to feel fully motivated and confident in the exercise and nutrition plans that your trainer will create for you and we commit to doing everything we can to guarantee that.

Your Needs & Concerns

We take extra time to carefully evaluate your fitness needs including any past or present injuries, health concerns and any other general concerns you may have regarding your nutritional and exercise needs. Working with an array of clients has allowed us to develop several strategies that enable us to meet the needs and requirements of each person. They look at the most cost-effective ways in working together so that you are fully motivated when it comes to investing into your health and overall well-being.

We at First Class want you to be happy with your fitness trainer, who will provide you with one-to-one workouts and consultation sessions directly in the comfort of your home. This is where your First Class fitness trainer will demonstrate your workout plan, correct your technique and improve your form. Regardless of your fitness plan, our fitness trainers will give you complete guidance and direction for each exercise to cover all health and safety concerns to help with avoiding injury.

We promise to hold your hand throughout your fitness journey as it is extremely important to us that you are successful in reaching your goals as Your success reflects Ours. Our fitness trainers are committed to your needs and will deliver results, leaving you feeling and looking more confident and healthier than ever!

March 29, 2022