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How To Stay Active In Winter

The leaves are beginning to change, the sun is going down earlier, and there’s a crisp chill in the air. Now that the warm summers have gone away for the year, your motivation to keep up your fitness routine may dwindle. Don’t let the changing seasons change your goals, here is how to maintain your ...Read More

Sat Oct 28

An image of a person holding a steel barbell in a gym with kettlebells on a rack in the background

Managing Stress To Help Meet Fitness Goals

Stress is a natural emotional reaction to negative experiences and other stimuli. Although stress is seen as a negative emotion, there are many benefits that can come from our body’s natural fight or flight response. ...Read More

Wed Sep 20

A pregnant woman sits cross-legged on a yoga mat caressing her pregnant belly

Personal Training and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, and bringing new life into the world is a special choice that isn’t taken lightly. The benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle take on a new light when pregnant, and working with a personal trainer can help you keep healthy during this new and wonderful time.   The following article ...Read More

Wed Aug 23

An image looking out at an airplane taking off from the airport, there are 2 pieces of luggage in the foreground

How to Stay Active and Healthy While Traveling

Whether you are on a business trip to Montreal, or on your long anticipated vacation to Hawaii, bringing along your active and healthy lifestyle is important in maintaining your motivation while making the most out of your vacation time.  When you go on vacation, oftentimes you are leaving the stress and monotony of your daily ...Read More

Wed Jul 19