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The Qualities of the Best Personal Trainers for Seniors

What happens to people over 60s and 70s if there is nothing to do but to let time pass while sitting idly? It is certainly not healthy and negatively impacts the body and the mind. It is why, for older adults, physical fitness is one of the best things they can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In Toronto and the rest of GTA, more people are discovering the benefits of hiring personal trainers for seniors. They help raise the quality of life by customizing exercise programs that promote cognitive and cardiovascular health.

No matter the age, senior citizens included, it is never too late to get started and get in shape. As many are discovering, getting into the habit of exercising plays a role in addressing age-related physical declines, such as loss of coordination, balance, strength, and endurance. More importantly, it also reduces the symptoms of chronic conditions and the risk of injuries. As a result of improved functional mobility and better overall wellbeing, they can have more independence and spend quality time outdoors with grandkids. Some can even go on cruises or travel around the world.

Why Personal Training for Seniors?

The increasing demand for personal trainers in Toronto indicates that more people are putting value into personalized exercise programs. Seniors can benefit tremendously from fitness programs, but their needs are different from younger people. Physically, they require more care and need specific routines appropriate for their health and body condition.

In Canada, half of people ages 50-79 are inactive. One of the best ways to minimize age-related conditions is to get into an exercise program. Going to the gym is an option. However, there are also far more convenient alternatives, such as online or in-home personal training.

A senior fitness specialist can provide realistic goals, create a plan, guide older people in performing exercises safely. There is no debate on the benefits of bringing in a professional. The only decision needed is choosing home personal training or going to a gym, and determining the best personal trainer for you or your loved one.

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What Are the Qualities of the Best Personal Trainers for Older People?

One of the most plausible explanations for the high number of people over the age of 50 being inactive is not acquiring the habit of exercising. For these individuals, getting started is already a challenge.

Some of the seniors, though, may have other underlying reasons for not exercising. Perhaps they do not have anyone to accompany them to a local gym. Others may have medical conditions that dissuade them from enrolling in a fitness program.

Personal trainers can take away objections. In most circumstances, they can find ways to help. However, considering that senior citizens have special needs, they cannot hire regular personal trainers. They need fitness professionals who are attentive to their age-related needs.

How do you know who to hire?

Here are the qualities that you are looking for in personal trainers that make them the best people for the job.

1. Formal Education

Is the educational background of a personal trainer a concern? For most people who are reasonably healthy, no – not at all. Understand, though, that many certification programs do not require more than a high school diploma. Usually, these programs last around three months.

For senior citizens, they may not be the best personal trainers. Ideally, you want someone who has completed a four-year college course with a degree related to physiology or medicine. It becomes even more imperative if there are health issues that only someone with a medical background can understand.

From designing the exercise routines to handling an emergency, you want someone equipped.

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2. Experience Working with Older People

Is having a degree in a related field and being certified enough? It depends largely on the experience level. A personal trainer may have had training working specifically with seniors, but the lack of inexperience does not help ease worries.

No matter how much an assurance is given, theoretical knowledge does not always translate to action. From customizing a nutrition program to the training program for seniors, past experiences with older people is still preferable. You can, of course, choose to work with someone inexperienced as long as there is supervision from a qualified fitness specialist.

3. Attitude Towards the Senior

In more ways than one, a personal trainer offering in-home training sessions is not merely a freelancer but also a business owner. For them to be successful, they have to know how to market their skills – and they will, when you talk to one or more of them. Beware of those who try to oversell.

Is the personal trainer being pushy or aggressive in locking you or your loved one up?

One thing you can do is to talk to several candidates. Only then can you make a comparison and make better decisions. It may be cumbersome, but taking the time minimizes mistakenly choosing the wrong person.

4. Demeanor of the Personal Trainer

Patience, understanding, and positive energy are among the qualities that makes a personal trainer stand out from the rest. Some seniors, for example, may not be able to follow a regimen as instructed or have difficulty understanding certain concepts. They can also be plain stubborn or prefer to talk instead of moving. The last thing you want is to hire someone who is rude and overly commanding.

Personal trainers for senior citizens should not only educate or merely go through the exercises. They should also be able to motivate by passing positive energy.

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5. Recommending Someone Else

The best personal trainers are people who do not lack clients. They would already have an established reputation with plenty of referrals. Even if that is not the case, they would also be cognizant of their limitations.

If they feel a case may be too challenging for them, then they should recommend another personal trainer who is more qualified.

How do you know that?

One way is to ask his/her specialization. Some personal trainers, for example, may specialize in strength training while others focus on another field. See if their background in formal education and specialization is a fit for you or loved one.

Searching for a Personal Trainer for Seniors Is a Process

Personal training for seniors is a growing field, as evidenced by the rising demand in the Toronta market. However, the qualities that you want are more stringent. The older a person is, the more their health and well-being should be considered. Someone who is inexperienced and has no formal education in a related field may make the mistake of pushing a senior too far or designing the wrong exercise program.

You can avoid that by asking the right questions and taking the time to interview several prospects. Either you find the best personal trainer or keep searching – but never settle.

December 31, 2020