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Fitness Tips and Keeping Motivated

Keeping motivated on your fitness journey can be a bit of a struggle for some. We want to help you keep on the right track, and maintain your confidence and discipline. Here are some fitness tips and motivational guides to help you along the way.

What Are the Best Exercises for Teens at Home?

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How to Get Back Into a Fitness Routine with First Class Personal Training

Have you fallen off your fitness routine? Don’t worry, you’re not alone and we are here to help! We have come across many people like you who were once routinely working out but for several reasons including family and work commitments or injuries and pregnancy, they found it difficult to get back into exercise. We …Read More

How First Class Personal Training Makes Lifestyle Changes

A First Class personal trainer is much more than your fitness guru who will make simple changes to your diet and exercise regime for you to reach your desired goals. For us, it’s not about the amount of weight you will lose or the muscle you will gain but rather the journey of your health …Read More

The Importance of Having an In-Home Personal Trainer in Toronto That Services My Area

Working out in a gym can be intimidating, even with a personal trainer. It can also become inconvenient when you have a busy lifestyle, or work and family commitments which can cause you to fall even more behind in your fitness. Hiring a personal trainer that works solely in the Toronto area can be extremely …Read More

How First Class Personal Training Stands Out from The Rest

Personal trainers can be intimidating, especially if you are quite sure what to look for. The process of looking for a personal trainer can be long-winded and can take a lot of your time and effort. Even after you’ve found one, you may not feel very connected or comfortable with them which means you won’t …Read More

How to Workout with a Personal Trainer for Maximum Results?

You’re ready to get in shape be it for health, physical strength and endurance or overall body confidence but may not be sure where to start or who to turn to. Hiring a personal trainer isn’t the simplest task because even though they may seem fit themselves, it doesn’t mean that they will give you …Read More

The Importance of Finding the Best Personal Trainer for You

Are you thinking about getting back into shape? Have you been searching for a personal trainer? How do you know they are the best PT for you? Getting a personal trainer can help you to achieve your goals a lot quicker through customized plans, exercise guidance and accountability than if you were to do it …Read More

The Skills and Qualities that Make a Good Personal Trainer

Every personal trainer has their own set of expertise but all of them should share common traits in skills and qualities to provide exceptional service when getting clients closer to their goals. Choosing to work with a personal trainer should not only be based on their credentials but their personality traits and characteristics as well. …Read More

How To Stay Motivated When Following A Fitness Routine

We’ve all been there. You start out excited to get into shape, eat healthy, and exercise regularly. The first days or maybe even weeks go great, but then your motivation fades and then exercising feels like a chore, and cravings for things you’ve sworn off start to set in.  Let’s look at how you can …Read More

Fitness Trends in 2023 – A Professional Trainer’s Perspective

The fitness industry is constantly evolving alongside shifts in client demands, and improvements in fitness technology. As professional personal trainers, it is important that we stay close with these fitness trends in order to provide the best for our clients. By listening and adapting to the demands of our clients, and paying attention to changes …Read More