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How COVID-19 Changed the Personal Training Industry

The personal training industry has changed a lot ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the entire world. Lockdowns were in place to assure the health safety of individuals. Social distancing was and is currently imposed to most countries in the world aside from wearing protective face masks. Gatherings are highly discouraged as well as indoor gym activities which may increase the risk of spreading the coronavirus. With that, the fitness industry changed unexpectedly.

Spike of Fitness Training Online

If the concern among gym owners would be a significant decline on memberships, this was not actually the case during the health crisis. Though some gyms have closed permanently during the start of the pandemic, other gyms or fitness facilities remained operational by offering another approach in health and fitness programs. There are certain locations in the world wherein they restrict the number of people going inside the gym. This follows specific health protocols given by the state or region.

Despite the pandemic, people still wanted to stay fit and healthy as there is less commute and body movement as a result of the shift to work-from-home and for students, distance learning. Some still attended the gym but scheduling is needed as written on the facility restrictions. As for the majority, the online fitness setup was most sought after.

Major Shift to Virtual Fitness Classes

Since people want a regular workout schedule and limited bookings in nearby gyms seem much of a hassle, online fitness classes were the solution. With First Class Personal Training, they offer a newly designed virtual training program that is tailored to each person’s ability. Some programs are challenging while some fit in a person’s health needs. There are trainers who monitor the progress of all clients online via Skype or Zoom.

With the pandemic in tow, people who are uncomfortable attending personal gym sessions may choose virtual classes which last up to 60 minutes per session. Results are the same and it will depend on how a person will follow and commit to a fitness schedule set by the trainer. In First Class Personal Training, all trainers are accommodating and professional. Each client is definitely in good hands.

Fitness classes vary in type and size. Some may opt to have one-on-one with a personal trainer online or if you want to relive a gym session, classes may be done in groups. The pandemic has created massive health awareness that’s why people are more focused on becoming fit and healthy to avoid getting ill. According to a survey, 56% say that they exercise up to 5 times per week since March 2020 which is higher compared to pre-pandemic.

Virtual Fitness Classes

Mental Health Sessions in Demand

Aside from physical fitness training, people turned to mindful activities to have a sound mental health during the ongoing pandemic. Yoga and meditation became very popular due to the stress, anxiety and depression caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. People took the holistic approach as to keeping the mind healthy aside from the physical body. With that, some trainers tailored their workout programs which address mental health as well. Yoga and meditation are also very important to help clients cope during the pandemic.

Mental wellness programs are also delivered online for health safety. Clients just need to provide a mat and other equipment to go on with their classes. Going digital is one of the major changes during the pandemic and instead of stopping, the fitness industry adapted really well. With the online setup, more people have more access to fitness as compared to before. No more delays going to the gym or fitness facility due to traffic. All clients need is an electronic device to join live fitness classes or follow tutorial videos from professional trainers.

Private Home Workouts: The New Normal

Virtual classes are here to stay. There are still some people who are comfortable to exercise alone in the comforts of their home during the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, physical training sessions given by trainers will be part of the new normal. This online shift seems to be a permanent change to how this $32B fitness industry works. There may be some people returning to their gyms to workout, but the online component is retained if something unfortunate happens again just like this pandemic.

With First Class Personal Training, you get to have a unique private home workout with a personal trainer. A virtual consultation is given upon inquiry so as to assess a client’s health needs and fitness goals. Then you need to commit to a particular program after the virtual assessment as the trainer will make a personalized home workout.

Private home workouts with the aid of online supervision of personal trainers poses no risk of contracting the coronavirus as compared to attending gyms and fitness places personally. Clients provide their own exercise equipment at home and get assisted virtually by a personal trainer. Compliance though is a main issue among personal trainers because any client may just slack off unexpectedly. Then again, this will depend on the client if he or she wishes to adhere to the fitness program religiously.

The fitness industry may have changed drastically ever since the onset of the pandemic, there was great response from most clients. The desire to be fit and healthy with both the mind and body was even more prioritized. The pandemic has opened the eyes of the people that the only way to prevent illness was to have a healthy and fit body. Aside from regular exercise, a balanced diet with nutritional supplements is important. Personal trainers may also provide support in terms of nutrition.

Please contact us today for a complimentary consultation on our website! Let us work hard in reaching your fitness goals amidst the health crisis. Health is wealth and it is best to continue staying fit even if you are at the comforts of your own home!

September 17, 2021