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How does online personal training work?

Don’t think you have time for personal training? Online personal training may be the answer. With online training you get quality instruction and guidance from a certified personal trainer right from the convenience of your own home.  This can often be even easier than in-home training for many people.

Here we will look at what you can expect from your online personal training sessions and why this type of training might be perfect for you.

What Can I Expect from Online Personal Training?

Online personal training really could not be easier to start.  It is one of the most flexible and versatile ways of training. Here are some other key elements you can expect from your online personal training.

Initial Consultation: Your online personal training journey starts with an initial consultation where your personal trainer will gather information about your current health, goals, and other key facts.  This initial consultation is completely free and will give you and your instructor insight into how you can meet your goals.

Virtual Assessment: After your consultation and once you have committed to a program, an assessment is conducted. This assessment will gauge your current abilities and gather additional information to personalize your program.

Personalized Program: Finally, after a thorough assessment, a personalized program will be constructed specifically to help you reach your goals.

What Your Online Personal Training Program Includes: At First Class Personal Training we understand the importance of total body fitness inside and out. This is why your online personal training includes:

  • Nutrition: Your trainer will create a nutrition plan that will help nourish and support your body as you train.  Your current eating habits, preferences, and goals will be taken into consideration as your personal nutritional plan is developed.
  • Resistance: Resistance workouts use weights, exercise bands, and even your own body weight to build strength.
  • Cardiovascular: cardiovascular exercises are exercises that increase your heart rate in order to strengthen your heart muscle. This can include running in place, jumping rope, jumping jacks and other aerobic activities.
  • Flexibility: stretches and flexibility exercises help to improve your range of motion and reduce pain associated with stiff joints. Flexibility training can also improve your balance and reduce your risks of injury to your joints.

Virtual Training Sessions: Your training sessions will be conducted via Skype or Zoom. This way of training gets you personal time with your instructor to ask questions and get feedback. Each session gives you 60 minutes with your personal, certified trainer.

Minimal Equipment: Our programs are designed to help you achieve results with little or no equipment. Many exercises are resistance style exercises that use your own body weight to help build strength and muscle.

Virtual training sessions

Why Choose Online Personal Training?

Flexibility: Virtual training sessions offer additional flexibility and an easier way to fit training into your schedule. Unlike going to a gym or other location, you do not need to spend time traveling. It is also often faster than having a trainer come to your home as there is typically less time getting started and wrapping up the workout.

Less Excuses, More Results: While having an instructor right in the room with you or having a gym to go to can be motivating, it can also create a barrier to you sticking with your fitness goals. Having to drive to a gym or waiting on a trainer or a class to start adds to your overall time and can make the process more daunting.

Track Your Progress: Tracking your progress during any workout routine is beneficial to keeping you motivated and to see what areas you may need to give extra attention to. With online training, this can often be even easier since you can use your phone or computer to record your progress. Your personal trainer can also assist in helping to track your progress.

Safety: Virtual personal training eliminates the potential risk of contracting COVID-19 that you would have if you attended a training class outside the home. While our instructors take every precaution when they do in-home training sessions, virtual sessions reduce the risk to zero.

Affordable: Online training does not require travel time for your instructor and several other costs are reduced as well. This savings is passed onto clients to ensure more people can get the benefits of one-on-one training.

Train Anywhere: Anywhere you can take your phone or computer, you can set up a virtual training session. Take advantage of beautiful weather while also getting stronger and healthier .

Who Should Take Online Personal Training?

Personal training can be beneficial for people of all levels of physical ability. Whether you are a college student, a senior citizen, or somewhere in between, online personal training can be tailored to your abilities, goals and needs. Online personal training makes personal training even more convenient since you do not need to worry about having a trainer coming to your home.

Who Should Not Take Online Personal Training Classes?

Virtual training is fast and convenient, however; there are a few things that may make it less effective for some. For example, anyone who does not have a dedicated spot to workout may find it difficult to keep up with the training sessions. Others may need the pressure of an in-person class to spur them into action.

Other Personal Training Options

Not sure if virtual personal training is right for you? First Class Personal Training also provides in-home personal training to individuals and small groups of less than five people. Your certified personal trainer will come to your home, work, or even your local gym in order to train you.

How do I Get Started with Online Personal Training?

Getting started with online personal training is easier than ever. Your entire initial consultation and assessment, along with all your classes will be conducted online. Once you make initial contact with First Class Personal Training, you could already have your first session scheduled in a matter of days!

Ready to get started? Contact First Class Personal Training today.

December 19, 2021