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Personal Training for New Year’s Resolutions

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or improve your overall health, health and wellness goals are among the most common New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, they are  also one of the most common types of resolutions for people to break. So, how can you change the cycle, finally get in shape, and form a workout plan that actually works for you?

With First Class Personal Training, we make it easier than ever to stick to a personal fitness routine by offering tons of flexible options. From personal in-home training to group training, and even virtual fitness training, we have options to fit your schedule and budget.

In this blog, we will look at additional ways for you to find success with your personal health goals in the new year.

Share your Goals

While the idea of telling others about our goals can be intimidating, it is also a way to hold ourselves accountable. Choose at least a few close friends or loved ones to share your goals with. Knowing that others around you are aware of your goals, can help to motivate you because the alternative will be admitting you have not made progress.

First Class Personal Training also offers small group training sessions of no more than five people. Choose friends to get in shape with and take advantage of this fun and interactive way to workout. Knowing friends are also working towards goals with you can be extremely motivating as you not only want to meet your goals but also keep up with the group.

Understand your Current Fitness Level

Have you ever made a resolution to get in shape, then you hit the gym hard for a few weeks only to find yourself slowly slipping back into your old routines? If so, you are definitely not alone. Starting something new is often exciting and it’s easy to get carried away. While this can sometimes be beneficial to making progress early, it often results in disappointment as you realize you cannot keep up your ambitious 5 day a week workout routine.

At First Class Personal Training we help you get past this roadblock by truly making  personal training personal. No matter your fitness level, we will work with you to create a personalized training strategy based on your goals, habits, and current physical abilities.

Set Measurable Goals

Set Measurable Goals

While you should not push yourself too hard or too fast, you should consider healthy, reasonable, and measurable goals. For example, instead of setting the vague goal of “losing weight,” you should set attainable weekly and monthly goals.

Note that with a goal like weight loss, keep in mind that sometimes you may not lose weight on the scale, but you may have improved your body measurements, or gained strength. Therefore, you may want to consider measuring several variables instead of just the number on the scale.

When you partner with First Class,  we will help you in your goal setting during your initial consultation. We have worked with hundreds of clients and personally make fitness an important part of our own lives. Our experience gives us the knowledge we need to help you set better goals for yourself.

Don’t Let a Bad Day Turn into a Bad Year

One of the most common reasons people give up on their health goals is that they feel like they have already failed after skipping a few days or weeks at the gym. While taking an extended break from working out is not ideal, remember you can always get back into it!

First Class Personal Training allows you to set a flexible schedule with multiple ways to partake in training. If you need to skip a session, that’s totally fine, but we will be here for you to help you get back on track after you do.

Remember Why You Started Your Journey to Better Health

While getting healthier and more physically fit is a good idea for everyone, it’s important to understand our personal reasons why we want or need to. We also need to be excited for and motivated by these reasons.

For example, if your only reason for working out is that your doctor said you should, it probably won’t be very motivating for long. It’s likely you will forget about this goal until your next doctor’s appointment is coming up. However, if you look at the benefits you will get in your daily life from working out, this can be a much more sustainable reason.

This may mean that you can fit into a new outfit for an upcoming event or that you can more easily keep up with your kids. It can also mean feeling more confident about how you look and more capable in your physical abilities.  Imagine being able to lift something you couldn’t before, or being able to take a flight of stairs easily that you would have struggled with before. These goals may seem small, but you get the satisfaction of them everyday and the opportunity to set even bigger goals.

Partner with First Class to Meet Your Health Goals in the New Year

Getting healthy can be a big undertaking but we can help make it easier. At First Class Personal Training, we assist in keeping you accountable, tracking your goals, and setting a flexible routine that works with your schedule.

Get started with a personal consultation. We will go over your goals, medical history, and schedule to devise a personalized plan for you. Proudly serving the Greater Toronto Area, we offer one-on-one training, small group training, and specialized training for seniors, MS patients, post-rehab patients, and youth training.

Each of our experienced and dedicated trainers make your health their top priority. This includes both your training and ensuring that we employ all safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

December 9, 2021