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How First Class Personal Training Makes Lifestyle Changes

A First Class personal trainer is much more than your fitness guru who will make simple changes to your diet and exercise regime for you to reach your desired goals. For us, it’s not about the amount of weight you will lose or the muscle you will gain but rather the journey of your health and wellness. It’s true, with a customized diet and workout plan, we will help you to achieve your goals with guidance and support which will give you the confidence you need but will also encourage a better lifestyle to significantly improve your overall wellness, incorporate healthier habits into your life and boost your immune system against illness to fight against disease.

Throughout your fitness journey, your First Class personal trainer will continue to guide you through your transformation with fitness and health plans that are continuously altered to create new goals and endorse better lifestyle habits.

Healthier Diet

During your initial consultation with a First Class personal trainer, we will assess your current diet to analyze which food groups will work best for you to achieve your maximum goals. Once you begin training, we will assign a customized diet plan or make suggestions on what you should eat throughout the day to get you used to eating healthier meals. We may even ask you to weigh your food for the first few weeks to get you accustomed to smaller, or larger, portion sizes to ensure you are not over or under eating. Our diet recommendations will help your body to receive the necessary nutrients to help you get stronger when working out, keep your body healthy and prevent long-term health issues. Who knows? You may even start to love veggies!

Active Lifestyle

Exercising will definitely encourage more activity when you work with us however, we want this activity to become more long term and consistent so that you don’t fall back into the trap of remaining stagnant or lazy. It’s important to encourage an active lifestyle outside of your fitness goals so that your body is constantly in motion, making it more difficult to fall back into bad practices and lose the progress you’ve made. Once you’ve seen progress, we promise that you will want to continue this lifelong journey and will not want to lose yourself to your old habits.

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Improved Confidence & Self-esteem

Starting out your fitness journey can be daunting and intimidating, especially when you begin in a gym or by yourself. Having a First Class fitness trainer by your side will alleviate all of the frustrations you may face when working out alone. Our personal trainers work with you, on a schedule that works for you, to educate and guide you through each exercise. As you become more familiar with the types of exercises assigned to you, you will gain much confidence in doing them by yourself. Your confidence will also build as you begin to reach your goals. The more weight you lose, muscle you build or strength you gain, will leave you with greater self-esteem.

Better Wellness

Our personal trainers take your health and wellbeing seriously. We know that your daily life

with work or childcare commitments can leave you feeling exhausted, demotivated and simply unhappy. We take careful consideration into your needs when working with you to implement the right changes into your life so that you may feel more fulfilled and happier within yourself.

Reach Long-Term Fitness Goals

When you work with one of our personal trainers, you may have a desired look or a goal that you wish to achieve. With the right guidance and lifestyle regime, we will help you to achieve this goal, but it is important that those goals are not your sole determination for better health. We see fitness from all angles and want you to continually progress throughout your life with modified plans and new goals. We will continue to encourage you to stay consistent with your exercise plans and healthier diet for gradual long term growth that will be life changing and even add years to your life.

long-term fitness goals

Help Against Chronic Illness

With consistent diet and exercise, you can build endurance and improve your muscle strength and significantly boost your immune system to reduce your chances of getting the flu and other illnesses. The right food and exercise can also stimulate cellular immunity which can prevent the risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, depression, blood pressure, heart disease and even dementia. As you become more accustomed to your fitness program, you may even begin to smoke or drink less as you become more health conscious which will improve your heart and lung health to give you more energy and better overall health.

Our personal trainers at First Class want the best for you. With your goal in mind, we take every aspect of your lifestyle and find ways to improve it so you may have the best possible health, at any age or stage in your life. When you work with us, you gain a friend and a confidant who you can trust will motivate you and hold you accountable for your lifestyle choices.

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August 12, 2022