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How to Find the Right Personal Trainer for You

Taking the step to work on your fitness regime and improve your lifestyle with exercise takes courage. Well done to you for wanting to make that change and being courageous enough to look for a professional that can help you to achieve your fitness goals!

When looking for a personal trainer, you will consider some key factors to determine whether they are the right person for you. The right personal trainer for you will be able to fully understand your fitness goals, your lifestyle needs and the best type of training style to achieve results. You may want to request their credentials and a one-off session to determine your compatibility with one another and if you would like to move forward with them as your personal trainer.

Your Fitness Goals

Before you begin any type of exercise training, you should consider what your fitness goals are. Are you training to get stronger, to lose weight or to increase your cardiovascular endurance? Perhaps, you wish to achieve all areas of fitness or have no idea where to start. Nevertheless, you can be assured that a personal trainer can guide you into the best type of training for you. When looking for your personal trainer, look at the individuals they have trained and how they were able to achieve their goals. Do they have a similar body type? How long did it take them to achieve their desired results? Asking these questions is important as it wouldn’t make sense to train with a trainer who doesn’t have the expertise to carry out your goals.

Along with a fitness plan, a personal trainer should offer nutritional advice to add value to your regime. Exercise is definitely important, but your diet contributes toward up to 80% of your goal. Your personal trainer should be able to work in accordance with your dietary needs including allergies, veganism or vegetarianism to ensure that you are consuming the correct number of calories and macros on a daily basis.

Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle needs will greatly impact whether someone is the right trainer for you. As personal trainers are usually self-employed, employed by a gym or through a company, you should be able to find one that can work around your schedule. If you have a busy lifestyle with an extensive career or childcare, you will want to find a trainer that is fully flexible with scheduling workout times that work for you in a place that you feel comfortable in.

Although many people train with personal trainers in the gym, there is an increased number of in-home personal trainers available. The gym can be quite daunting and even busy where our personal trainers at First Class come directly to your doorstep, during a time that works for you, to complete your workout session. We take the time to care for your lifestyle and work to fit your schedule. Talk to us today to find out how!

Credentials & Training Style

Once you have determined your goals, a fitness trainer will be able to discuss the best training style for you. If you are looking to increase your strength through powerlifting, you may want to look for someone with experience in competitions, as a competitor or a coach. If you are looking to lose weight, you should ask the trainer to share success stories from their previous clients, with images of course.

You should bear in mind that education and experience work hand in hand. Your trainer should have the correct credentials to carry out this profession with the right experience to achieve your goals. You can always request to see a personal trainer’s credentials if they are not displayed in their gym or on their website as well as referring to their social media as a reference for their experience. The website and social media pages will not only act as a reference but also testimonials.

credentials & training style


Having a personal trainer who has the right credentials, can meet your expectations and will be fully flexible to your needs is great but, you may have a difficult time training if there is lack of compatibility with their training style or personality.

You may want to start off with a one-off session to see how they approach their training style, how they motivate you and whether you feel comfortable with them. During the session, you will have a good idea so long as you can vibe with each other’s personality, share a mutual respect and feel motivated throughout your session. The trainer should follow up their session with you in an approach that shows a genuine care for your needs as opposed to a transaction.

There are a lot of trainers available with the popularity of social media where it is essential that you do your research before going ahead to choose one. Although one trainer may have worked for someone you know, they may not work for you where you should feel free to shop around and consult with a variety of personal trainers to determine whether they are the right fit for your needs. You should remember that your personal trainer should work for you and around your schedule. They should motivate you and provide you with a diet and fitness regime that will work within your lifestyle needs.

Our personal trainers at First Class hold the right credentials with years of experience. We work with all types of people from different cultural backgrounds with a variety of fitness goals. Talk to us today to discuss your fitness goals as we would love to walk you through this incredible journey!

June 17, 2022