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Is An Online Personal Trainer Worth It?

Have you been considering personal training? Maybe you’ve felt like your workouts need an infusion of new skills. Or, perhaps you’ve been neglecting your gym membership, and you need some incentive to actually show up!

If you’ve heard of online personal training, you might have quickly dismissed the idea, since so much of life already happens online. Maybe you’ve questioned how online training might work!

But online personal training might be exactly what you need to actually get fit, improve your strength and endurance, or lose weight. Why is online personal training worth it?

This article will explain the top five reasons our customers tell us online personal training is absolutely worth the commitment.

We think online training might be right for you, too! Would you like to learn more? You can contact us, read our blog, or book an appointment today! We’ll answer all of your questions and help you determine how First Class Personal Training can walk alongside you as you reach your fitness goals.

Top Five Reasons Everyone Should Be Using Online Personal Trainers

  • There is NO gym intimidation with online personal training.
    Some people LOVE the gym… but others absolutely detest it. Whether it’s the shared equipment, the smell, or the noise, many people have complaints about their local gym. But the most common concern we hear at First Class Personal Training is that our clients have had experiences that have made them uncomfortable at the gym.A recent study explored ‘gym-timidation,’ the idea that the gym gives people anxious feelings. Over 2000 people were involved in the study, and at least 50% of those studied, “feel too intimidated to develop a workout routine around other people,” according to The Global Health & Fitness Association.Further, one third of those studies reported that just the idea of getting into shape brought on anxiety, and 48% said that the sheer number of options (equipment, routines, classes, etc) was overwhelming. Even for those who do regularly go to the gym, half of them said they were still intimidated and uncomfortable, especially if the people around them were extremely fit.There’s no shame in gym-timidation. If going to the gym makes you feel nervous or overwhelmed, we understand that! It’s very common and very normal. That’s one of the main reasons we developed our online personal training program!When you work out from the comfort of your own home, you don’t have to worry about the things that generally make you feel anxious. You don’t have to worry about how to use the equipment, who can see you in the locker room, or who’s working out beside you. It’s just you and your friendly, non-intimidating personal trainer.
  • Your Online Trainer Can Go Wherever You Go
    You can do your online training anywhere. We mean, anywhere! As long as you have an internet connection and a little bit of space, you can log in and meet with your trainer.Your training space isn’t limited to your family room or garage. You can work out at your office, on vacation, or when you’re away on business.This is a HUGE plus for many people who can’t always commit to making it to the gym week to week. If something appears on your calendar that might make getting to your pilates class or personal training session impossible, your online session will likely still be possible!
  • Online Training Happens on Your Timetable
    Have you ever been to a gym where you felt like you just can’t ever get a training appointment at a convenient time? Maybe you have to book online and the appointments fill up faster than you can get online to save yourself a spot.But with online training, your trainer can work with you to develop a training schedule that works with your timetable, and you’ll be able to schedule your sessions well in advance.If you need an early morning appointment, something in the mid-afternoon, every other Tuesday at 9 pm, or if you’re only available on the weekends, that’s ok! We’ll make it work!

  • Having an Online Trainer Saves You TONS of Time.
    One of our clients’ favorite parts about online training is how much time and effort they save. When you choose online training instead of going to the gym, you can be prepared for your class in a matter of minutes!With traditional personal training, you need to pack up your things, drag your gym bag to the car, drive or take transit to the gym, get inside, go to the change room, change your clothes, lock up your things, get to the training floor… and you haven’t even started your work out yet! Now, at the end of the session, you need to repeat all of these steps, likely adding one to two hours of time onto every training session!Here is the immense value of online personal training! You don’t have to go anywhere! You don’t have to prepare or drive or lock your things in a locker. You can just quickly change into your workout clothes and you’re ready to go!If time is money, your online training sessions will save you plenty. Instead of your 1-hour session taking up to three hours, instead, it can take just one hour and about ten minutes!
  • Online Personal Training Saves You MONEY!
    Gyms have a lot of expenses. Building overhead, rent, equipment and maintenance, staff, cleaning supplies, water, and so much more! First Class Personal Training doesn’t have all of the overhead a regular gym has, so we can keep costs significantly lower.Making the decision to work with a personal trainer is a major investment in your health and wellbeing, but it shouldn’t be an expense that’s so high it’s unattainable. By keeping our expenses low, we’re allowing even more people to experience the benefits of personal training and helping them finally reach their goals in a much faster time than they would have at the gym.

Online personal training is here to stay, but not just because of health protocols. Online personal training works. It’s more convenient, more cost and time effective, and can even help reduce work out anxiety! At First Class Personal Training, we want to be your first choice when you consider who to choose for your online training sessions.

To book your first session and to learn what we’re all about, we encourage you to reach out to us! You’ll quickly see that our friendly, non-intimidating approach is exactly what you need to finally show up for your sessions and get results.

February 15, 2022