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Is Online Personal Training the New Normal for Fitness Goals?

Canada and the rest of the world are in the midst of a “new normal.” Unfortunately, no one knows exactly when things will go back to the way they were. As difficult as it may sound, you will need to adapt and tweak your ways to keep your life on track. This may or may not include modifying your workout regimen – perhaps even your fitness goals.

Due to the dire and uncertain situation, you might have contemplated putting off your fitness journey. But there is no need for that. The fitness industry has come up with a new normal to keep pace with the changing times – that is, online personal training. Here’s what it is, and how it can help you reach your goals.

What Is Online Personal Training?

In this training program, you will be assigned an online personal trainer and the sessions will be held virtually instead of on-site. It is an excellent option for people who want to keep up with their fitness journey but do want to physically meet with a trainer. As with conventional one-on-one training in person, you will also get a complete workout regimen that is tailored to your specific goals and fitness level. It will encompass your resistance, cardiovascular, flexibility, and nutrition needs.

The exact training process varies from one fitness center to another. Here at First Class Personal Training, our virtual personal training program officially starts with an online consultation, where your fitness goals, dietary habits, and medical history will be discussed. Of course, if you are still testing the waters, you can simply reach out via calls or email and inquire more about the program. We will be more than happy to help.

If you want to push through, a virtual assessment will be conducted. From there, the team will formulate a program that is specifically customized for your needs. Each training session lasts 60 minutes and will be held via Skype or Zoom. A certified online personal trainer will guide you during the whole process.

How Can Online Personal Training Help with Your Fitness Goals?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed society and human life in unprecedented ways, and many are still struggling to adapt to the changing norms. The health and fitness community is just one of the many industries that have been affected by this whole situation. For months, gyms have closed down, and those who want to stay in shape had to make do with exercising at home.

For some fitness enthusiasts, this is not an issue. After all, they have already perfected their routines and know exactly what to do to achieve their goals. Most people, however, are clueless and are still starting out. Or, maybe they are not satisfied with their current routines and need someone to tweak them for better results. In any case, they will need all the help they can get, and can certainly benefit from online coaching.

Are you one of them? If so, you will be glad to know that some indoor gyms and fitness centers in Toronto and the rest of GTA have already gone back to business. But even though there are strict precautionary measures set in place to minimize the risk and spread of COVID-19, you might still feel uncomfortable and iffy at the idea of going to the gym. Or, perhaps, due to personal reasons, it is simply not a viable option for you.

There is no need to put your gym goals on hold. With online personal training, you can adapt to the new normal and keep up with your fitness journey.

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1. Access to Fitness Experts

Being able to work with an expert is, without a doubt, one of the most compelling reasons to join an online personal training program. And since everything is done online, distance is no longer a concern. There won’t be any problems even if your preferred fitness training service is located hundreds of kilometres away. In fact, your personal trainer does not even have to be in the same country as you. Such is the power of the digital world – make sure to put it to good use.

Ultimately, it means that you will have limitless access to experienced fitness coaches. For sure, you will be able to find the perfect personal trainer who is well-suited for your specific fitness needs, preferences, and objectives.

Aside from developing a fully personalized program, your trainer will also give you professional advice and valuable feedback every step of the way. Hence, you could rectify your errors before they turn into bad habits, as well as follow tried-and-tested methods that can help further your fitness goals. Gone are the days when you have to grasp in the dark and experiment with various routines that just do not work.

2. Provides Greater Flexibility

Not having enough time is perhaps one of the top reasons why people are hesitant to commit to an exercise program. Sounds familiar?

Perhaps you quickly dismiss the idea of working out, thinking that you are far too busy with work or family commitments. Alternatively, you may have declared at one point that going to the gym is too much of a hassle. The list goes on and on. It seems like there are always reasons – or alibis if you will – not to indulge in physical activities.

You do not have to wait for the time when you will be less preoccupied with your daily responsibilities. After all, if you do that, you may never progress in your fitness journey.

Thankfully, with online personal training, you can now work out at your own pace. There is no need to coordinate your jam-packed schedule with a personal trainer from the gym. Likewise, you do not have to rush to the gym, still in your workwear, and worried about running late. In other words, this innovative training program enables you to be in charge of your fitness.

3. Helps You Save Time

Online personal training does not only grant you higher flexibility. It also helps you save a tremendous amount of time. Since your personal coach has already laid out a personalized plan for you, you do not have to spend countless minutes thinking about what exercises to do. Now, you can manage your schedule better and focus on the other tasks you need to tick off your to-do list.

4. Keeps You Motivated and Accountable

People say that the beginning is always the hardest. But in the case of working out, staying consistent is doubly harder.

Working out solo means that you will have to hold yourself accountable and exercise regularly. Although possible, this is not an easy feat to achieve for many. Most likely, the lack of motivation or just plain laziness will get in the way of your goals. One missed session will lead to another – akin to a domino effect – and before you even know it, you have already stopped exercising entirely.

By committing to an online personal training program, you are less likely to skip your workout. After all, you set an appointment with someone. Not to mention, you already paid for it. Hence, ditching your session means that your hard-earned money will only go down the drain.

5. Get Tangible Results

Do your workouts properly and stay consistent – and everything else will follow. After some time, you will certainly witness the results of your hard work, inspiring you to push even harder. Even better, your personal trainer will track and monitor your progress throughout the whole program. Plus, they will serve as an unbiased and critical eye, pointing out your bad form or other flaws – things that you probably won’t have noticed yourself.

6. Affordable Online Training

One of the greatest benefits of hiring an online personal trainer is that it is more inexpensive than being coached in person. Imagine: for the fraction of a cost, you will have access to an expert, jumpstart your fitness journey, and actually see results. Since many people have been hit financially due to the pandemic, being affordable is something that everyone will appreciate. In other words, even those on a tight budget could work out more effectively.

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Don’t Let the New Normal Interfere with Your Fitness Goals

In these uncertain and anxiety-ridden times, going back to the basics and establishing a healthy routine go a long way in keeping your physical and mental well-being in check. Some of the ways to do this are by sleeping well, eating nourishing meals, and staying physically active. Aside from this, setting and working towards goals will also do wonders for your health. Fortunately, the fitness community has adapted to the new normal, devising a plethora of ways for you to work out and realize your fitness goals.

If you do not want to go to a gym or meet your personal coach face-to-face, online personal training is perfect for you. This newly developed program makes the most out of technology, allowing you to exercise at your own pace and schedule. Even better, you will have access to an expert who will bring you closer to your goals – one workout at a time. Best of all, you can do all of these at the comfort of your home – and without spending a fortune.

February 3, 2021