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What is the “Youth Training Program”?

Obesity rates have been a major concern among kids and adolescents for many years. This is usually due to less physical activity at home and school. Young individuals need physical exercise to live a healthy life. This goes together with eating a balanced diet and enough rest. Instilling the value of physical exercise to children and teenagers is very important for them to achieve a fit and healthy body. It may not be easy, but possible with the help of professional trainers. Enrolling your child or teen in a Youth Training Program is a good way to unleash athletic abilities as well as making the body in tip top condition.

Youth and Fitness

Many young children and teens are involved with at least one type of physical activity or sport. This may be due to growing up in a family of athletes or some just want to be involved in sports to be fit and healthy. This mindset is very good because thinking about living healthy at such a tender age will make that individual age well. Exercise brings in a lot of benefits to the body and mind. It does not only make your body look good, but the person will have a positive outlook in life.

Knowing the body means knowing its needs and goals. For young ones, seeking help from professional trainers at First Class Personal Training is the first step towards greatness. They help assess and choose a particular exercise routine for kids and teens. One of the biggest challenges of trainers is to let these young ones maintain their workout regime everyday. In some cases, kids give up easily because they don’t see the point in it or the training is not fun at all. So in dealing with children and teens, there must be a fun factor to keep it going and make them inspired.

While there are so many exercise routines for different kids and teens, they must also have to clear themselves from their medical doctors of certain conditions. And they must also inform their trainers of such a situation so that the program will be properly tailored for their overall health and well-being.

Youth Training Program

With First Class Personal Training, our physical trainers exhaust all efforts in providing safe and appropriate workout programs for young ones. We have professionals who only use evidence-based methods to achieve the client’s health and fitness goals. For this program, the focus is mostly on body weight exercises, plyometric, agility drills and core strength. These are age and skill level appropriate when it comes to the drills and exercises. The young athletes will be monitored for functional strength development as well as improving areas such as core strength, power, mobility, agility, footwork and conditioning.

Aside from athletic performance, our professional trainers also aim to improve the overall health and well being of kids and teenagers. This includes building muscle memory and strength. Once muscle memory is built, the next step is to hone other facets of the program.Instilling the value of physical exercise at a young age also provides long-term benefits in their lives.

Youth and Fitness

Fitness Goals

Having a fitness program specifically for kids and teens means focusing on each individual’s health needs. Personal trainers first understand the current state of a young individual’s body and athletic abilities. Looking into their strengths and weaknesses is one way of checking and unlocking their athletic skills. This leads to an important goal of the program which is to give these young blood a chance to become a successful athlete in the future.

A fitness program directed to children and teens is practically different from adult programs. The youth training program ensures that young individuals will be in their top physical condition during these early years of their lives. Exercises given and monitored by top physical trainers in which these must be age appropriate to help make bones, muscles and joints strong. Aside from strength, the program also makes sure that young individuals will achieve flexibility to minimize injury. This is very important for young athletes who want to stay in their sport finishing strong.

A youth training program also has a common goal of weight loss. Physical trainers create a specific weight loss plan for young ones to burn off calories with different kinds of drills, workouts and speed training. Aside from weight loss, one of the goals of the youth training program is to build muscles. This is specifically about lean muscles and how to get lighter and faster to improve in any physical activity.

This program also helps renew the level of confidence a young individual has in a particular sport or in life as a whole. Doing exercise helps boost self-esteem especially in young individuals and teen athletes. Having a regular workout routine also helps develop a positive and winning mindset plus a great competitive spirit.


Being physically trained at an early age reaps a lot of benefits. Not only do kids and teenagers live a healthy lifestyle and avoid chronic diseases, they also improve certain areas of their body’s capabilities. Joining the program helps young ones increase their jumping abilities. This means their vertical limit is surpassed with constant drills and training.

Aside from that, kids enrolled in the program may also improve their coordination. This is enhanced with constant training and guidance from the personal trainer. Teen athletes who are into running may also achieve or break their fastest time. Those who lift weights may also break their record and further set a new mark for themselves.

With First Class Personal Training, you are assured of a well-rounded and holistic youth training program. Professional trainers are available to guide and enhance athletic abilities of each child or teen. Not only do they improve the performance of young individuals, they also make sure every workout is fun!

Start Them Young

Letting young individuals take an early dip into physical exercise and athletics gives them a great perspective on health and fitness. Whether it is for shifting into a healthier lifestyle or improving athletic skills, First Class Personal Training has all aspects included in the Youth Training Program. There is a workout plan perfect for each child or teen. If playing sports in school is competitive, our physical trainers will harness their potential and create champions. Then again, exercising should always be fun and positive.

Let children and young teenagers learn to appreciate their body’s capacity to perform at its best. Join the Youth Training Program with us today by inquiring online!

November 10, 2021